Dans Musiconis, la date est indiquée par deux informations :
1. Date début
2. Date fin

Ex : Date début = 1325 et Date fin = 1350. On affiche alors date : 1325-1350.
Si les deux dates sont identiques - Date début = 1211 et Date fin = 1211 - on affiche une date unique. Date : 1211.

In Musiconis, dates are entered using two fields:
1. Start date (date début)
2. End date (date fin)

If the start and end dates entered differ, a date range will appear in the database. If you wish to enter a date range for an image in Musiconis, enter the earlier date in the start date field (date début) and the later date in the end date field (date fin). For example, if you enter 1325 as the start date and 1350 as the end date, "1325-1350" will show up in the published record's date field.

If, by contrast, the start and end dates entered are identical, the date will appear as a single year in the database. In order to have a single date appear in the relevant field of a fiche, enter that date in both the start and end date fields. For instance, if you enter 1211 in both fields, the single date 1211 will be posted in the database.